7 Wonders of the World “Taj Mahal”- Delhi Travel info

Took a day tour to the famous Taj Mahal.

I’ve always wanted to visit Taj Mahal since I saw the movie “The namesake”.

It’s about 3.5 hours drive from New Delhi

I got a tour guide and he explained all the story behind the Taj Mahal to me.

I loved the story behind and amazed with architecture of Taj Mahal! Cannot believe this amazing monument was built almost 400 years ago.

Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for the memory of his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz passed away when she gave birth to their 14th child.

Shah had two wives before Mumtaz but he was not able to have any children with both of the wives.

Shah had 14 children with his third wife Mumtaz.

Taj Mahal is made by white marble. Still today the same technique is used when fixing the Taj Mahal.


This Arabic is made by embedding Black marble.

Black marble was Mumtaz’s favorite stone.






handmade white marble coffee/tea cup made by 14th generation craftsman family.

Monkey took ice cream from a tourist.

Happy Monkey.



Yay! With Taj Mahal!meandtajmahal




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