The Holy City of “Haridwar”- Delhi Travel info

Took a day trip to Haridwar.  River Ganga begins from Haridwar and it’s one of the holy place in Hindu religion.

It took about 4 hr via car from New Delhi

First stop – Mansa Devi Temple

One of the popular Hindu temple and use ropeway to get to the temple. Little long line to for the ropeway. The view was nice and ropeway was pretty fun!

Once got to the top, walk to the temple. Met monkey god(Hanuman) on the way.monckygod

You need to take shoes off to enter the temple. Souvenir shop on the way to the temple will keep the shoes for you. Though, you will probably need to buy something from them. which is also a good experience:)

Overall, very cultured experience! Most of the people were from some parts of India(I think probably people who believe in Hindu). Did not see any foreigner(people who do not speak Hindi) there.

There view from the temple was also very nice!

Second stop – Har Ki Pauri

People were dipping into the Ganga river here. It is a holy custom. Some people also took the Ganga river water back.

Again, very cultured experience. There are some shops and hotels along the river and it’s pretty organized for tourist.

It was pretty fun to walk around to see people enjoying in the river. I saw pretty big monkey as well.


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